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August 07 2017


me having not left my house yet: god i cant wait to get back home



honestly fuckin “lovecraft inspired” games are everywhere and in every genre except the one they really need to be in

farming sims

like nothing says lovecraft like being aware of cosmic terror in your town and being unable to do anything about it so you sort of just tend to your radishes and hope everything turns out okay but you pull up one of your radishes and there’s a human head at the base of the stalk and you drop it as soon as you make eye contact with it but once you go to pick it up again it’s a normal radish

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Everyone lives AU-

The kind of clothes they can glean from the Rebels is a mishmash so they do the best they can, and all their equipment is roughly replaced or jury rigged. Chirrut’s hearing has deteriorated since the explosion and he has to wear aural enhancers. Baze wears tiny bells that chime at an odd pitch, but is generally around nearby. Both have suffered sufficient injuries that they have trouble functioning in the same battle capacity. They couldn’t replace the Kyber staff easily- so they have to make do with one with built in sensors. It’s hard to say if they’ll find another compatible kyber.

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me: shows up to the skinswap party like a month late with this


me: i’m stressed

someone: don’t be stressed


August 06 2017

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The Evening World, New York, June 27, 1904

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which rami are you today?


me when artistic inspiration strikes:

me a week later when followers ask where the content is:

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rmr that time aang went to prison

this show is a treasure from start to finish 

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This cowboy💦💦💦

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More doodles from the stream

0203 8493

@inosh requested booty shorts and cowboy boots on Junkrat and my hands slipped? ? ? ?

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Mccree doodle, let the man be happy

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When I draw a character with their clothes on:

Drawing them with clothes off:

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me all night

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