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October 23 2017

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I just really love the shapes in this one. Even her facial bone structure matches her breastplate! The designs on her armor aren’t drowned in small details, but they add to her air of command. We talked about shape size in our last livestream, and this is a great example of how to do it right; notice how the details on her chainmail sleeve don’t extend above her sword even though there’s room, because that would crowd the area. I also love the colors, as well as the subtle shading that gives the portrait depth. The recurring golden accents, as well as the breaking up of the large red shape that is her cloak (combined with the tabard) tie this together for me. It’s just one of those pieces that I can spend minutes looking at. I highly recommend looking through the artist’s Tumblr, they are great a creating a mood through their art.


h/t: @sayittothemasses

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my anxiety yelling at me to do the thing while my depression doesnt wanna

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me: no point wasting stimpaks, gonna save them for when i really need them

also me: 


October 22 2017


my teammate, who waved hello and has been polite: I need healing!




shout out to all the kids who aren’t good at what they’re passionate about, and who aren’t passionate about what they’re good at

This is serious.

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The Best ATM Withdrawal Defense

I’m here for women with powerful dogs!

My land lady is a 90lb 88 year old woman with 5 full grown Rottweiler boys. They sit around her when she gardens and watch her like the secret service. If you show up to pay rent they all stand up and stand between you and her.

It’s intimidating to have 5 pony size boys all staring at you until she stands up realizes it’a you and walks to you.

My favorite part is she wades through them like swamp water saying in her cute old voice ‘move’ ‘move please’ and each one she nudges to move wags his whole body at her touch and stumbles out of the way like he’s been knocked over by a truck. It gives me life paying my rent.

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October 06 2017

when u get to that part of the drawing and u have zero confidence in ur skills

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“Arrogant son-of-a–  [CHOKE]”


u know that feeling when someone throws u something and u catch it really well like w one hand or u save it from nearly dropping or u caught it from a massive distance? and everyone around u lights up like yoooo!! good catch!!!! nice!!!! ? ? ? ?? i want 2 live in that feeling it is so pure

October 05 2017


lush employee: hello, how can I–

me: hello, potion seller. I am going into battle and I need your strongest potions.

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